Introduction: New Beginnings

For the past few months, my father and I have been constructing a WordPress that I can utilize both as a professional, photographic portfolio, and as a platform for friends and family to read a bit about my journeys at their leisure. WordPress will allow me to showcase my photo-galleries and publish blog-postings while educating people, which is the ultimate goal of this site.

I’ve been putting off my first blog-posting for months while my dad and I edit photos, resize them for the web and construct photo-galleries. I’ve found it difficult to think of an appropriate topic for my first post. I figured a brief introduction would be a great way to get the ball rolling.

I will do my best to ensure blog-postings aren’t too cluttered with photographs and info so it can be thoroughly enjoyed in one sitting. Occasionally, I will ask a guest-bloggers to publish on my site. Different writing styles, perspectives, and photographers will help keep the blog fresh. I may provide links to relevant information and posts for those of you that choose to read more.

This site allows you to both share posts to Facebook and comment on my postings, so I strongly encourage you to do both. Also, a contact section is provided so please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I have provided a link to my Facebook. Add me as a friend to stay updated on postings, and please subscribe to receive emails when a new post has been published.

Over the past few years I’ve undergone a physical, mental and spiritual transformation catalyzed by a career ending baseball injury, an inspirational professor, and a trip abroad. I’ve traveled to some far-out places, taken some priceless photographs, and met some outstanding individuals. I am excited to share these experiences with you, some old, and some new. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my portfolio, and I will post a link to Facebook the moment I finish my next post.

Jimmy Orchid Guyana

Photo Credit: WIll Heimbuch



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    I am already intrigued.

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